To The Duke

To The Duke

Monday, August 29, 2011

Join Cactus Country Book Club

Cactus Country Book Club is now up and running. If you are a follower of this blog, you're automatically a member. If you'd like to receive information about upcoming books, contests, newsletters, or offers when we make 'em, write to us at and give us your snail mail address. We've got a neat brochure we're ready to mail and we'd love to send you one.

The book covers above are all Cactus Country Books and for book club members we're offering some great discounts off the cover price. Go to the Cactus Country page at High Hill Press and you can order them directly from us and save on shipping. We've also bundled a couple of the books for extra savings.

I promise I won't use this blog for such unabashed promotion all the time...just this time because we've finally released the books that we've been so excited about for months, Cactus Country Anthology Volume I and The Bounty Man and Doe. So please go check them out.

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