To The Duke

To The Duke

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cactus Country Volume II

The second book in the Cactus Country Anthology series hits the bookstore shelves this week. It is also available through High Hill Press and look for it on Amazon soon. The editions that were sent out toward the end of 2011 were well received and we've been anxiously awaiting delivery of more books so that we could offer them to the public. There are 26 authors represented in this book, many of them are Spur Award winners and multi-published in the western genre.

If you're a fan of these authors, you should order your copy of Cactus Country II today...
Rod Miller
Dusty Richards
Jory Sherman
Donna Volkenannt
Delois McGrew
Brett Cogburn
John Nesbitt
Larry Sweazy
Lucia St. Clair Robson
Pat Carr
Eddie Owens
Troy Andrew Smith
Carolyn Steele
Mike Thompson
Claudia Mundell
Gail Burton
Ellen Gray Massey
Marilyn Smith
Connie Vigil Platt 
Don Johnson
James Griffin
Regina Williams
W. E. Mueller
Thomas Long
Billie Louise Jones

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where Did All the Cowboys Go?

Tom HornPawnee BillTexas JackFrank EatonDeadwood DickBill DoolinConnie Douglas Reeves

Here's a row of faces than I'm sure most of you have not seen before. Some of them are good cowboys, some not so good. But is this what a cowboy looks like today? I don't think so. Here are the people I consider cowboys now.

Brett Cogburn
Dusty Richards

John Nesbitt

Jory Sherman

Johnny Boggs
Each of these men has lived as a cowboy, but their most important contribution to that name is that they write about cowboys. They keep the legend and myth alive with their prose. Cactus Country proudly published an anthology in the fall of 2011 and had a story in the book from each of these writers. Those stories, and thousands of stories like them, are what will keep the cowboy alive. And if you want to find out what names go with the faces of the row of cowboys I have at the first of this post, here is a link to a site that is loaded with information about the cowboys of our history.