To The Duke

To The Duke

Cactus Country Anthology Submission Guidelines

Our first anthology was launched on September 3rd. It's a wonderful book with both well established western writers, and a few newbies that are sure to win their share of Spurs someday. We encourage each of you to try your hand at western writing if you haven't already, and if you have, please send us something.

We'll take stories, articles, poetry, essays and art work if it's about the west. Like Dusty Richards says, the west isn't always wagon trains and cattle drives. It's not always shootouts between outlaws and lawmen. The west is about the woman who lost her family and survived a cold winter in Montana on her own in 1920. It's about the banker from Philidelphia who decided to go west and mine for gold. Or the range war that still goes on today.

Keep your stories around 3,000 words and everything else a little shorter. We love one page cowboy poems. Send your submissions to the editor of Cactus Country at

Put all your contact information in your e-mail and don't forget to put Cactus Country Anthology in the subject line. And please include a bio so if we do publish your work we won't have to chase it down later. We're going to do anthologies every quarter, so get those stories, poems or articles to me now.