To The Duke

To The Duke

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Love Western Writers

I got a neat package in the mail today. Jory Sherman sent me a copy of his new book, Savage Vengeance, and what a surprise when I read the dedication. It says to Lou Turner and Squeak. That's me! The Lou part is anyway. The Squeak part is my husband, Bryan. I met Jory about 15 years ago and we were friends from that first meeting. Jory is a legendary writer, and if you've not read one of his 500 published books you should find one and read it today.  High Hill Press recently published a poetry collection of Jory's, Reflections, and it's now available on either the author's website or

Reading Jory's work is truly inspirational, especially if you're a writer. I tell everyone that when I read something of Jory's, I want to become a better writer myself. I want to create something that sticks with the reader like Jory's words stick with me. His way with prose is magical. And we're lucky to have one of Jory's stories, Comes a Hunter, in Cactus Country Anthology Volume I, which will be out in September.  Watch for the anthology, and please find one of Jory's books and read it as well. And be sure to visit his website at

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  1. Congratulations! I like the look of your new blog and am looking forward to the Cactus Country Anthology.