To The Duke

To The Duke

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here's Some Cowboys For Ya!

I started reading True Grit again last night. It's an amazing book. I think I was feeling a little guilty because I talked about western movies the other day, when it's western writing that Cactus Country wants to promote. But almost all the good movies started with a good book, right? And all-in-all I think the movies help the book industry. I wonder how many people watched a western movie, then decided it's a genre they might enjoy reading. I imagine John Wayne sold a ton of books in his day by making all the western movies he made. So I guess discussing the movies is a good thing. And I truly believe that most writers write because of their love of story. And story is everywhere. So here are some of my pics for the best cowboy film stars of all times.
Naturally John Wayne has to be first.
I have no idea what movie this is, he basically always wore the same clothes unless it was an army movie and he wore a uniform. But did you ever notice that no matter how much fighting and hard dusty riding the Duke did, his bandana never moved.

Sam Elliot makes a pretty good cowboy.

Tom Selleck
This might be my favorite cowboy, but John Wayne would haunt me if I say that for sure.

Brad Pitt as Jesse James.

And who can forget that Henry Fonda also played in a lot of westerns. Although I think this picture is one of his bad guy roles.

Kris Kristofferson as Billy the Kid.


  1. Sam Elliot!! Oh if only that Bad Boy had asked!!!!

  2. It's good to meet you! I definitely love a good western. Recently I read True Grit and absolutely loved it. It's definitely one of those couldn't-put-it-down type books.

    John Wayne is just about the best cowboy ever. My fav John Wayne westerns: The Searchers, The Undefeated, and Angel and the Badman.


  3. One of my favorite western stories I wish would be made into a movie (Disney would do a good job) is titled "Brave Buffalo Fighter" by John D. Fitzgerald, a juvenile novel. It was copywrighted in 1973, I picked it up in a bag sale at the public library so it is likely out of print. It is based on an acutal diary of Susan Parker and her family's move west by wagon train. Action, adventure, nail biting, laughter and tears, a true delight.

  4. Yup, Sam Elliot gets my vote! We really LOVE him in the movie set in NM--OFF THE MAP. Anyone know it?

  5. The Searchers is one of my favorite too. When I was a kid I could repeat all of the Duke's dialogue in all of his movies. They shooed me out of the movie theater more than once for standing up in the front row and belting out John Wayne's lines. And I'll certainly see if I can find a copy of Brave Buffalo Fighter, it sounds like something I'd like. Need I say more about Sam Elliot! I'm heading to New Mexico to attend another Western Writers of America next June in the hopes of running into him. I might even recite something from a John Wayne movie.

  6. It is tough to choose a favorite. Sam Elliot, of course, gets a big thumbs up, and Tom Selleck. For newer movies, I have to say I loved "3:10 to Yuma" with Russell Crowe and Christian Bale; and "Open Range" with Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall and Annette Bening was good, too. (Great line in that one...when Annette Bening's strong-willed character does as she pleases, Costner's character, an "aw, shucks" cowboy is confused and says, "How's this gonna work if you don't do what I say?" LOL)

  7. Kevin Costner is definitely a great cowboy and he did an interview one time where he said he would prefer to do only westerns, but Hollywood won't let him. He's got a production studio, TIG Productions, and I heard that he's working on a new western to come out next winter.