To The Duke

To The Duke

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Westerns at Cactus Country


Cactus Country is on the move again!
Over the summer we have released several books, and finally
 finished the third volume of our Cactus Country Anthology.
Look below for our new releases by some of your
favorite writers.

Cactus Country is proud to announce that Matt's short story collection, WesternLore, is now on the shelves. You can order your copy at your favorite bookstore, online with Amazon, on a Kindle, or directly through High Hill by going to their website.  High Hill Press  Matt has 40 million books in print, and for those who've followed his career, this collection of stories about your favorite western legends would be a great addition to your library.

A few years ago I met a writer at a Western Writers of America Convention that I knew would soon make a name for himself, and he has. Rod Miller has published several books, tons of short stories, and some poetry. He's been winning Spur Awards for his work, and recently published a book with High Hill Press titled, Cold as the Clay. If you love western writing, this book is a must read. It's available everywhere, and you might want to ask your local bookstore to keep it on their shelves. There is a lot of buzz out there about Rod and his writing.
Make sure to read Cold as the Clay.

 Cotton Smith is a brilliant writer and Ring of Fire is another terrific Western that should be a must for every western reader. The audio version of Ring of Fire won a Spur in June of 2013.

Cactus Country did it again with its third anthology. This book is a great collection of western voices. It also includes 40, four line westerns. That's right. In just four lines these creative authors gave us a glimpse of the old west and its characters. We see deserts and wagon trains, cowboys and Indians, horses and rattle snakes. Complete stories in just a few words so craftily written that we can see an entire story. Cactus Country III is available through High Hill Press, and will soon be issued in a hard back edition available everywhere. And do you like our new logo? Dusty always said we look for stories that will fit under a cowboy hat. It doesn't matter that the hat is on an 1800's cowboy, or a modern New York City fella, if it feels like a western, then it is. We love traditional westerns, but we're open to westerns that are written well, but may not fit into the guidelines for traditional. If you'd like to submit to one of our anthologies, click on the link to go to our Cactus Country e-mail 
Cactus Country Publishing. Please just send us a query if you have a novel, if you have a short story, or article you think we'd be interested in, just send the whole thing. Thanks.


  1. No wonder you're so busy, Lou. Love the cover art. Is the cowboy hat and push broom mustache your new logo?

  2. So, so glad to see you back on the blog! All these books sound great. I wish I could read faster and longer!

  3. Thanks, friends. It does feel good to get back. And yes, the cowboy hat and mustache is our new logo. Don't you love it? Pus we've got stories and contests and all kinds of things in the wings ready to go.
    We're also doing all three Cactus Country anthologies in hard backs this fall, and will have open submission for Cactus Country IV. Brett Cogburn is finishing up his own anthology, with High Hill as the publisher. I read the manuscript yesterday and it contains some stories that I know will stay with me for a long time. Wait till you read the one about the wolves that stalk a pioneer family. Eerie as any Stephen King novel I've ever read. Bye, and thanks again, ladies.