To The Duke

To The Duke

Monday, September 17, 2012

Brett Cogburn's book signing in Ft. Smith this past Saturday was a terrific success. Below are a few pictures from the event. You know how to get on the best seller list? One book sale at a time. That's from my old friend, Dusty Richards. 

Brett, Delois McGrew & Dusty Richards

Brett's Mom and Dad, David and Sherry Cogburn

Delois McGrew (and her authentic Native American belt buckle),
 Brett & Brett's daughter River Grace

Dusty Richards, Pam Jones (alias Pamela Foster),
Ruth Weeks & Brett Cogburn

Eddie Owens, Pam Jones, Lou Turner,
Brett Cogburn & Ruth Weeks

Two of the neatest young people I've met in a long, long time.
River Grace & Talon Cogburn


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all.

    Great photos. But, where's the one of you, Lou?

  2. Nice pics! Hope you had a good turnout with lots of sales.

  3. I got my mug in there. But I kept trying to get everyone to take a picture of my feet to show the new boots I wore and they just wouldn't do it.