To The Duke

To The Duke

Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet the Real Rooster Cogburn!

You think you know the true story of Rooster Cogburn? Well not so fast. The real story is between the pages of a new book just released by Kensington Publishing. And Brett Cogburn is the author. The reason he knows so much about the infamous gunfighter is because he happens to be the real Rooster's great-grandson.

Rooster is the non-fiction biography of Brett's gunfighting great-grandfather and his battle against the Hanging Judge's U.S. Deputy Marshals.  It has long been said by the uninformed that a real Rooster Cogburn never existed beyond the confines of True Grit, but indeed he did.  Fifteen years of research revealed a story unique and exceptional in its own right.

Check out Brett's website for more information.Brett Cogburn

"Fans of frontier arcana will revel in Cogburn's readable prose andlively characters." - Publishers Weekly

The Devil's Hoofprints by Brett Cogburn
Available on Amazon and through High Hill Press on the Cactus Country  page.

"Brett Cogburn has a way with the Western, like John Wayne had a way of walking, or John Ford had a way with capturing the West on film...." 


  1. Very interesting and another good book to put on "The List".

    My St. Louis friend was here Tuesday night...she stepped into my office and said, "Oh my, you do have a lot of books..." to my reading table, desk table, book case and a travel bag packed with reads. Glad she did not open the closet door!

  2. Wow, fifteen years of research, and then how long to write and rewrite? THAT is a dedicated writer! Thanks for the info!

  3. Having spent a brief childhood interlude in Yell County, I was delighted to find the story of "True Grit" in the Saturday Evening Post. Could hardly wait until the movie came out, and when it did, couldn't believe those snow-covered mountains in the background. Not when I lived in Yell County. I hear the second version was filmed in New Mexico. Sheesh!