To The Duke

To The Duke

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Will I ever catch up?

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of Cactus Country. We are doing so well that High Hill Press hired another new editor last week. I'll have her information on the High Hill website soon. I'm going to ask for just a little more patience while we get our books printed and shipped. We didn't expect the rush of orders, and although we're working as hard as we can, we keep running out of books. Now ain't that somethin' to complain about? I'm not complaining, I'm grateful that our hunch about westerns and what people want to read was correct. And we're thrilled with the new offerings we have coming up shortly. Dusty Richards has a new book coming out in November called Outlaw Queen. Michael Andrews, our artist friend, is working on a cover now. Then in December we'll have the second volume of our Cactus Country Anthology. We have more wonderful writers in this one, Spur winners and future Spur winners alike. And hopefully by the middle of December we'll have a short story collection out by Brett Cogburn titled The Devil's Hoofprints. In a very short time, Cactus Country, the western division of High Hill Press, has become a success. And it's all due to the support of folks who love westerns. Thank you.

And now just for fun. Guess who these eight western actors are and we'll give you an extra 20% off on any book you order from High Hill Press.
Rex AllenSmith BallewGene BarryWilliam Boyd

PanchoDuncan RenaldoChill WillsFuzzy Knight